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08/05/15 06:39 PM #51    

David Orman

I appreciate your follow-up, Robert, and just want to repeat my willigness to try my best to get back East for a 55th. Late fall/early December sounds good, or even if we have to make it next spring. Just don't understand Bob Rudolph's post, where he said he'll "try anything once, except for tequila or absinthe," then added that he's "not a good person after either" -- which suggests that he did try them once. Let's see, who was our Logic teacher? Big event, of course, will be in 2020, when it's "60 for '60."

08/06/15 08:36 AM #52    

Mary Massimilla (Dunlap)

Thank you, Bob, for keeping us up to date.  We have so many issues with both of us, but so willing to help with a reunion perhaps in the spring.  

08/06/15 12:07 PM #53    


Robert Rudolph

David - I have allowed myself to be told of alcohol-fueled misadventures that I can't recall - which is one of the reasons I put limits on myself in my dotage. You also were military intel - you know how it was in the 60's doing that sort of work in that part of the world -- That is, you know if you remember....

I can make meetings in Hatboro on weekends, although I might not be too coherent if one were called for, say, breakfast at 9 AM or something.  Come September, my Sundy mornings are committed through about June or so.  While my wife has retired as choir director, we both still sing together in the choir, and the new director can be testy about absences without proper notice.

Weekdays are harder as I still work a standard week for Baltimore Police Department.

I am still chasing the missing members - I have kept Bob Meade informed of the folks I've located, and I'd like to be abe to put in what data I have in case someone from the class is interested in making contact, but am not sure what would be a proper place to put it.

Informal is good for me - I work in biker attire, and haven't worn a suit since the last reunion.  Being a choirboy keeps me in choir robes.... But regardless, if there's a way I'll be there - and maybe this time I can make it without falling off my motorcycle the week before.

Now I have to go back and pretend to work a while so they can pretend to pay me.



08/06/15 02:50 PM #54    


Polly Mc Aboy (Zashin)

I'd be able to attend whenever you have it.  Thanks for the planning effort! Polly McAboy Zashin

08/07/15 01:26 PM #55    

David Orman

Thanks, Robert. Remember? Remember what?

08/08/15 09:53 AM #56    


K. Alan Fox

A 55th. sounds like a great idea!  I am picking up the sensation from reading the postings that folks want an informal gathering...personally, I'd love having an outdoors bar-b-que/picnic celebration.  Just my 2 cents.  Uh-oh, I just remembered...I would have to bring our warm CA weather along for the occasion  wink

08/11/15 12:54 PM #57    


Robert Rudolph

I dunno, Dave - did I ask a question?

08/14/15 08:18 PM #58    

Robert Meade

For Bob Rudolph,

 Bob, as to member info you have that may not be in our list of classmates on the website, if you contact the classmate and clear it with them I can set up their contact information on the site the same as other members, put in a password for them and let them have the password so they can change it to their own password.  By doing that other classmates can contact them either through the site or directly.  I would not want to put their contact information on the site for the world to see without their approval.  I do appreciate your work and effort in finding classmates as I know it is not easy.  Thanks.  Let me know what we mgiht be able to do.

Bob Meade

08/19/15 10:57 AM #59    

Harry Busch

For Bob Meade

Bob, I share your concern regarding the turnout for the 55th reunion.Those interested should meet this month while you are available, to exchange ideas and discuss how to proceed. The classmates can then be updated as to the results of the meeting. I am available to help if needed.

Harry Busch

08/31/15 03:36 PM #60    


Donald Moore



Later in September of 2016 would be the best for me.  I may be available in the spring 2016, but that is up in the air at this point.  I am currently working an RV chaplain in Arizona from Nov through April, but I am looking for a resort to serve in June, July, and August in Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana.


Thanks for all that you are doing.


Don Moore

12/17/15 11:57 AM #61    


Sandra Lachman (Knapp)

Hi Bob,

About Raymond Brandenburg, I recognized the name immediately.  I can't swear he was in our class, but I do recognize the name, so it is quite possible, and likely that he is right.

Sandie Lachman (Knapp)

12/17/15 04:25 PM #62    

Fred Schaeffer

  Hi Bob   Wishing You and Family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year! 
I remember Ray Brandenburg, and I think he was in our class. I don’t know if I would recognize him now, but I do remember his name. There are others I remember that were in our class at one time or another, but I guess they left before we graduated.  Take Care & Have Fun!    Fred Schaeffer

12/18/15 07:04 AM #63    

Peter Pappentick

Hi Bob ,

I remember the name Brandenburg as a class-member at one point. I vote "Yes" on his request.

Pete Pappentick

12/23/15 01:44 PM #64    


William (Billy) Sams (Class Of 1959) (Sams)


Billy ( Class of 1959 )

05/18/16 01:13 PM #65    

Barbara Sehenuk (Cekavic)

Has anthing materialized for our Class Reunion? Would love to attend but have not heard any updates. Good Luck. Barb Sehenuk Cekavic


04/26/17 10:17 PM #66    


Raymon J. Brandenburg

Sandra Lachman(Knapp), Fred Schaeffer and Pete Pappentick thanks for remembering me. I was there freshman and sophomore yrs but truly spent 99% of my time at Walts Restaurant next door. My home room teacher was Mr. Gallagher the history teacher and he would send for me once in awhile for a test. I use to love the sock hops on Saturday nights i did make it to them along with Bob Clark and Don Gottshall. I dated Maureen Monteith she was in class of 62. Louis Huber was also a good friend of mine. His Uncle had Hubers Gas station at Old York Rd and Upper Moreland Rd. I loved hanging out at the swim club along with Cliff Fertone and Jeannie Houser, Lou Huber and Maureen Monteith. I use to spend the summers painting the  Reininger Greenhouses across from where I lived at Warminster and Byberry Road. I have never been to a school reunion. I am looking forward to hopefully making the 60th reunion if u do have it. I am so sorry now that i spent my time cutting school and finally going in the service when i turned seventeen and was left back again to be a sophomore again. Hey guess i should have put this is my profile instead of here but just was happy that you remembered something about me anyway. I do love being a hater for the time it lasted.

04/27/17 09:21 AM #67    


Sandra Lachman (Knapp)

I had Mr. Gallagher for my Home Room in both 10th and 11th grade.  Maybe that was why I vaguely remembered you.  smiley  I will say this for Mr. Gallagher.  Before him I didn't care one whit for History at all, could not relate to it.  He changed all of that for me, and showed me just how important it was, and the lessons that could be learned from it, if we just remembered, paid heed and used it as a tool to guide us going forward.  I can't begin to count the numerous factual and historical fiction novels I have read since, thanks to him.

Sandie Knapp


11/22/17 04:12 PM #68    


William (Billy) Sams (Class Of 1959) (Sams)

Happy Thanksgiving To all Of the Class of 1960.

Billy ( Class of 59 )

12/18/17 03:30 PM #69    


William (Billy) Sams (Class Of 1959) (Sams)

Doris and I Want To Wish all The 1960 Class a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy and Safe New Year

12/19/17 01:31 PM #70    


Sandra Lachman (Knapp)

Hi Billy,

I hope that you and Doris have a wonderful and joyful Christmas holiday as well, and a very Happy and healthy 2018.


Big hugs,

Sandie Knapp

01/05/18 03:05 PM #71    

Mary Lou Stella (Hood)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Hoping we can have a 60th class reunion.

Mary Lou Stella Hood

05/25/18 01:35 AM #72    


Raymon J. Brandenburg

Hi Pete Pappentick    I did my tour in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and that was duing the Tet Offensive.. I was there in 77 / 78. Sorry if i am late answering but i just happened to be on the site and seen your message. Hope to hear from you again soon          Ray Brandenburg.   ps: my sisters also went to hatboro high my sister Mary Brandenburg was in class of 62 with my old girlfriend Maureen Monteith and Jeanne Howsare. And my sister Genevieve Brandenburg went to hhhs also.    

05/30/18 12:01 PM #73    


Raymon J. Brandenburg

Pete  Lou HUbers family had the huber gas station at the corner of old york road and moreland ave. in town. accorss old york road from sanitarians clothing store. and i lived at the corner of Byberry Road and Warminster Road across from the greenhouses and i use to help paint them every summer when school was out.     talk soon Pete       Ray

07/21/19 09:41 AM #74    

John Gummo

Good-morning Al Hartman.....

'So pleased that many of us have made a successful birthday AGAIN this year - so sad that others have passed as posted on our class website - for all of us, it is difficult to understand how quickly the years have gone...I thank God daily, and on this Sunday morning - for All of our Accomplishments and strength in the road ahead.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AL - John Gummo

07/23/19 09:15 AM #75    


Alfred Hartman

Thanks so much John. I think of you a lot.

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