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01/04/11 12:06 PM #14    


Norm Wisler (Class Of 1961)

Happy 2011 to one and all!

Jim Defries (Class of '61) called our attention to a book --- Images of America/Hatboro. It appears to be quite interesting and I have ordered it from Barnes and Noble. For those of us who are interested in Hatboro of today and yesteryear, you may want to check out the following site by copying it and pasting it in your browser:

Again, my best wishes to all for a year ahead full of laughs and excellent health!


Norm Wisler (Class of 1961)


01/04/11 02:13 PM #15    

Robert Meade


 Thanks for your note and Happy New Year to you.  We do have that link to Pitrone on our "Links" along with a number of other sites folks can link to that may be of interest to classmates.

Bob Meade

02/14/12 10:11 AM #16    


William (Billy) Sams (Class Of 1959) (Sams)


Happy Valentine's Day to all the Ladies of the Class of 1960.


Have a great Day

Billy ( class of 59 ) 

01/07/14 09:59 AM #17    

John Gummo

To:  Classmates Dave Orman, Robert Meade, Patti Funke/Moyer; Al Hartman; Pamela Long/Sharp and All other Classmates who still check this website:  Best Wishes to each of you and good health in 2014.  Joyce and I extend our best wishes to you and your families.

John Gummo

01/07/14 11:12 AM #18    

Fred Schaeffer

Thanks John.   Happy New Year to you and Joyce. Hoping that all is well!  Fred

12/24/14 10:15 AM #19    


William (Billy) Sams (Class Of 1959) (Sams)

Merry Christmas to all my Friends of the Class of 1960. May you all have a Good Christmas and a Happy Holiiday Season

Billy ( Class of 59 )

06/29/15 06:50 PM #20    

Robert Meade

Hey everyone,

 Looking for responses about a 55th clas reunion.


06/29/15 08:36 PM #21    

Karen Stuart (Ambron)

I am interested  in a 55th reunion.  How about havig it on Halloween?  We can try to guess who is who.  lots of laughs. Karen Stuart Ambron

06/30/15 07:05 AM #22    


Wayne Lewis

Hello Bob,

I posted my response under our User Forum section......... Still getting familiar with this site...........Wayne

06/30/15 08:55 AM #23    

Roger Furlin

I really enjoyed our last reunion and would be interested in attending another.  I missed most of the previou reunions and was a little overwhelmed at our 50th.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to talk to everyone. 

My summer calendar is pretty full so October/November would work best for me.  I live about 3 hours away from Hatboro in Cape May, but would be willing to work on the reunion committe remotely, if needed. 

06/30/15 10:10 AM #24    

Merry Sahm (Mc Nulty)

Hi HHHS Alumni!   Hopefully there will not be a conflict and I or We can be at the 55th.  Merry

06/30/15 11:24 AM #25    

Barbara Marsden (North)

Hi Bob, I would be interested in a 55th reunion.  So far my only conflict would be the weekend after Thanksgiving.  It's nice to be retired... Bobbi

06/30/15 11:49 AM #26    


Donald Moore

Sounds good Bob. I will be in the area until the middle of October. Anything I can do to help let me know.

06/30/15 11:51 AM #27    

James Kwortnik

Looking forward to 55 reunion.

        jim kwortnik

06/30/15 12:35 PM #28    

Robert Meade

Hi Bob,

Another reunion sounds like a good idea.  I absolutely think it should be casual, low low key. It's always fun to see classmates.  Maybe choose a date in the fall, perhaps at LaFontana again...send out invite via website and see how many would a certain date.  If possible, use that same back room and have people order their own dinner (lunch?)...and just be together.  So, it would entail deciding on date, clearing it with restaurant, someone sending out invitation just as you just did, getting in touch with restaurant if we have perhaps 25 plus (?) classmates and enjoying time together.

I'm not sure people far away would travel for something like this as it wouldn't be a " big deal" but you never know.

To me, it wouldn't be too much work for the committee but it would be a nice way to get together, and the cost would be whatever each person wanted to spend...unless there's a charge for the room.

If anyone suggests something like another big party or a cruise ( mentioned previously).... Then we're talking mucho work, which selfishly I might enjoy but cannot promise to help with at this time.

Thanks for attempting to once again keep the class together!


PS...not sure how to send this to entire class via website so please feel free to forward to all. Thanks again.

Mary Dunlap

06/30/15 12:38 PM #29    

Robert Meade


Hatboro-Horsham High School
Class Of 1960



55 year Reunion


55 year Reunion


General Discussion


A. Wayne Lewis [2704898]


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Hello Bob,

I appreciate you sending us an email about the possibility of a 55 year reunion this Fall. Unfortunately,I don't think Sue and I will be available. It seems the older we get, the more we feel we need to travel before we no longer have the strength to get on a plane or ship. We already have plans for an extended trip to Europe this Fall with a return transatlantic cruise back to the US.

Thank you for being willing to arrange a reunion if the interest is there.


06/30/15 12:40 PM #30    

Harry Barford

Hi Bob....enjoyed the last one and would be interested in a 55th...Harry


06/30/15 01:17 PM #31    

David Orman

So Mary Mass Dunlap is concerned that something like this wouldn't be a " big deal" and pleople far away might not travel? Hey, it's our "Double Nickels" celebration, so I'm in. Scheduling might be tough, certainly, but something in late fall -- perhaps early to mid-November, before Thanksgiving -- could work. Thanksgiving weeked does make it tough for us "far out" folks to get there -- airfares are always extra high and flights hard to get. Appreciate your efforts.

-- Doc 

06/30/15 03:11 PM #32    

Fred Schaeffer

Hi Bob---I think a 55th reunion is a Great idea. Before Thanksgiving sounds good. If there is anything I could help out with from up here, let me know. Hopefully, there will be lots of interest! Thanks. Fred Schaeffer 

06/30/15 03:26 PM #33    

Linford Magaha

Hi Bob

Sounds like a good idea. It would be great to see everyone again.

Lin Magaha

06/30/15 04:24 PM #34    

Barbara Taylor (Carroll)



I think the best path to take is see the total interest - since we are already mid-year I'm thinking the Spring might be better and there wouldn't be any 'weather issues' for those coming a distance.


At this time I can't commit whether or not Pete and I would be attending.  We will be married 50 years in the Fall and are planning a trip (as Wayne said while we still can).


Thanks for coordinating.


Barb Carroll

06/30/15 10:52 PM #35    

Joan Kleinhoff (Buck)

Hi Bob,

Thanks for putting the idea out there.  We are in Cape May area for the summer, but spend most of our days in the area watching our grandson play baseball. After August 1 maybe we can catch up with Roger!   I see that most responses favor the fall.  Unfortunatley, we will be leaving for Florida right after Labor Day.  I have traded in all my aggressive sports for shuffleboard and we have a very busy schedule in the fall.

So maybe we could do a girls lunch this summer, or something lower than low key.  I would love to get together with anyone who could make it.  Best wishes to all; I hope there is an event for our 55th.  Dave, I loved your response.  Thanks for that.  Lord willing, there will be a 60th that Ray and I can plan ahead for.

Joan Kleinhoff Buck

07/02/15 12:36 PM #36    

Barbara Sehenuk (Cekavic)

Hi Bob, I think it is just fabulous to have  a 55th. reunion. I could not make the big 50th. so I am looking forward to attending.If you need any help I would be more then happy to oblige. You can count me in. Take care Barb Sehenuk Cekavic


07/02/15 02:15 PM #37    

Frank Parke

Bob, thanks for all you have done and continue to do to keep our class in touch with one another.  I also would be interested in a 55th reunion.  Something casual in October or November might be nice.  If it seems that most are interested in getting together, I would be willing to help.

Frank Parke

07/02/15 02:27 PM #38    

Robert Clevenstine

Hi Bob, I don't know how we can have a 55th when the 50th was just 2 years ago or so it seems. It's a good idea. Something casual. I can help Bob

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