Reunion Registration

     The following classmates have registered for the reunion dinner and/or one of the other reunion weekend activities.  If you do not see your name here please contact me as soon as possible.  Also, if you do not see friends of yours from school listed here please call them and ask them to register and attend this 50th Reunion.  We currently have more than 80 classmates and spouse participating.  The reunion planning committee is very pleased with the turnout but we hope to have at least 100 attend the dinner so we encourage you to contact others and make sure they register. 


Alburger Bucci Elaine
Barford Harry Marian
Beatty Robert Phyllis
Bennett Smith Blanche Charles
Busch Harry Susan
Chappell Richard Betty
Clevenstine Robert Debbie
Cosner Tucker Carole Woody
Cranmer Mudd Nancylee James
Doerfel William Marilyn
Edwards Bernie Betsy
Evans Gordon Judy
Funke Moyer E. Patricia Wayne
Furlin Roger Heather
Gerhart Leonard Theresa
Gummo John Joyce
Haney John
Hannah Panetta Carrie David
Hartman Al Dena
Hendricks Stiles Alberta Loris
Hyde Felker Carole Rudy
Kates Cynthia V.
Kleinhoff Buck Joan Ray
Kwortnik James Anne
Lavish J. Michael Ruth
Lee   Charles Betty
Long Sharp Pamela Mike
Longo Anthony
Magaha Linford Dawn
Massimilla Dunlap Mary   Bart
Mayer Lutz David/Carol
McAboy Zashin Polly Elliot M.
McClurken Decker Judith Cletus
McMullen John
Meade  Robert Karen
Miller Garth Joan
Moore E. Rev. Donald
Nesbitt John Sandy
Nunnamaker Teasdale Lea Dick
Orman David Marsha
Parke Frank Barbara
Pelter Zietler Mary Ann
Phillips Landis Lynn David
Ramins Buehler Velga Rich
Rudolph Robert
Schaeffer Fred Mary Ann
Slugg Charles Mary Jane
Stella Hood Mary Lou Rich
Stuart Ambron Karen James
Taylor Carroll Barbara Pete
Tinner L. Arthur Ginny
Work Thomas
Wright Hoffman Kathi
Wurtenberg Handorf Linda