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I've been quiet for a time

Created on: 09/07/18 11:56 AM Views: 644 Replies: 2
I've been quiet for a time
Posted Friday, September 7, 2018 11:56 AM

and have failed to notice many birthdays, for which I apologize.

I would very much like to make a 60th reunion, circumstances permitting.

My wife of 50 years is slowly falling into dementia, and I have recently had to take charge of her meds, and take her car keys (which did not go down well.) it is hoped she will retain enough function to join me at the  60th should it take place.  I will be there in any case, unless another recent event stops me.

I have been diagnosed with a cancer that men don't like to talk about - penile cancer. Surgery and more testing is next week, and at this point the prognosis for survival is good, although survival involves some mutilation - at this point to my mind that is a triviality.  Chemo and/or radiation are unknowns at this point as the stage has not been defined. Stage 1 survival is just about a guarantee as there is hardly ever a recurrence.  Stage 4 requires chemo and other things but still has a survuval rate over 70% at 5 years, and since I al now 76, each year is a gift.

Apparently one guy in 100,000 turns up with this each year.  I would rather have hit Publisher's Clearing House, but sometimes we don't get those choices.

I've been dealing with this for a while, and have gone public with it to ask forgiveness for ignoring old friends, and as a gentle warning to male friends that while it is not common, it can sneak up on you, none of the treatments are much fun, and most will remove a function you have probably enjoyed for a long tme.

This may even force me into early retirement, if my wifes situation does not.  As of yet she doesn't require a minder, but when the time comes, I will be that person. The past 50+ have been good, we are still enjoying ourselves, and it is the least I can do.

Thoughts, prayers, good feelings are all appreciated. Don't pity me - life has been good, I've survived a lot of lumps in 60 years as a motorcyclist, and this is another bump along the way - it won't be much fun, but it will be over (at least the worst of it) when I recover from next week's surgeries and get back to work.

The 60's were pretty good times, and all my classmates are good folks, and I have gained much by knowing all of you and watching albeit from a distance) over the years.

Be well, all of you, and guys - pay attention!

This message was created without causing harm to any trees, but it did inconvenience a bunch of electrons for a few nanoseconds.

RE: I've been quiet for a time
Posted Friday, September 7, 2018 02:42 PM

Hello Bob,

It was good to hear from you but needless to say , Sue and I were sad to hear of your health issue along with Phyllis' dementia. We hope your surgery goes well and that the long term results are all that you wish. We have several other friends all dealing with our aging process, some better than others.

We are doing OK especially since we sold our beach house this past June. It has relieved us from the maintenance and administrative duties that go along with rental property and given us more freedom to travel and enjoy the grand kids. Our granddaughter, Savannah is in her first year of college at Lees-Mcrae in Banner Elk, NC which is about a two hour drive for us. We see her often and of course buy her dinner when visiting ! David is 17 and still at Pine Lakes Prep in Davidson,NC... Doesn't know what he wants to do yet but seems interested in aviation.

I would be interested in attending a 60 year reunion and willing to help all I am able from South Carolina. Keep us posted on interest and possible dates.

Again, we hope all goes well for you next week and the weeks to follow with recovery.

Best regards,



RE: I've been quiet for a time
Posted Friday, September 7, 2018 03:09 PM

Hi Bob,

So sorry to learn of your and your wife’s health issues.  I suspect this will be coming for all of us as we age if it hasn’t already done so.  I wish you good results with your treatment and praise you for your reilsience.  So glad you are able to be there for Phyllis.  It is not easy to watch your love one slip away.  Having done this with my parents I know how difficult it is.  

Fondly, Linda