News of a sort
Posted Tuesday, September 18, 2018 07:51 PM

Well, I had the surgery and it was successrul, in Urologist terms - that is the surgery got done without incident, recovery was relatively uneventful, and the Urologist is happy.  I wasn't as happy, as he sent me home with a catheter, which I didn't like one bit, but he's the Doctor and I wante dot leae the hospital and spend time with my son, who was ind enough to come up from Dallas to be a presence at home and keep my wife on an even keel.

Well, I no longer have the catheter - it came out Monday morning, and what a weird feeling that process was. But it is out. Doc says I have to learn to pee again if I want to avoid messes, but that turned out not to be an issue - everything works as it should, just a little bit different..

I asked him to check the pathology, to see if it came back. He's the urologist, not the oncologist, but he looked anyhow, and I am less thrilled than I might be.

One of the lymph nodes showed up with some carcinoma, so there's chemo in my future and maybe more surgery to get more lymph nodes - but the one from the other side was clean. I see the oncologist next Wednesday, so I have to keep from making myself nuts in the meanwhile.

I actually feel pretty good - no pain of any sort, the only discomfort being the drains in the two incisions where they harvested lymph nodes for pathology. I am allowed to drive and do pretty well anything that suits me, but I am staying home until the drains are out and I see the oncologist and have an idea what I am facing - and maybe a chemo schedule.

I am taking advantage of my employer's good nature and working from home this week and next week, probably only half-time, so that when I go back I'll have chemo schedules and such and can rell it all at once, rather than have it change day by day.

So far nobody's talking about a stage, but my reading says probably 3, maybe 4 because it has traveled beyond the original site. I gotta stop research and go find something else, like railroads to look at. Somehow, I don't think porn would help....

That's the latest, and I guess I'm a bit bummed about it. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel a bit better about it. I think I'd feel less bummed out if I felt like crap, but I don't - I have no endurance, but otherwise feel pretty good - appetite ok, limited only by new dentures and aggro with the lowers.

So there you have it. Back to our usual programming. I fully expect to outive my oncologist, and be causing trouble for at least another 20-30 years.

I may even buy a sidecar when the chemo is done - I miss my motorccycles, but know I'm not srong enough to pick them up any more, and sidecars don't fall down.

Be well, all of you and thank you again for prayers and good wishes - they mean a lot!

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